4 Things You Can Do to Fix Water Stains on Your Ceiling

There can be instances where you will notice spots on your ceiling which you will assume to be water stains. In this case, you will get worried as there is a high chance that it indicates a problem with your water system. Fortunately, it does not instantly mean that there is a severe issue you need to address. You will need to have a further investigation to know the primary cause. 

Water stains can be a sign of various problems and different reasons. Before resorting to a solution, it would be best if you would identify what causes it first. You must pay attention to it as water stains can serve as a clue, indicating a leakage happening in your house. Assuming there is no serious issue, and your only problem is how to cover the stain, this article will surely help you.

Read on to know more about what you need to do when you spot a water stain on your ceiling.

1. Apply a Primer That Is Oil-Based and Stain-Blocking

One way to clean a water stain on the ceiling is by applying a mold-resistant oil-based, stain-blocking primer. 

You can specifically use a paint roller with an extension to apply the primer if you have a flat ceiling. When the primer dries up, you can apply the paint. However, if you have a textured ceiling, it will be better to spray on primer.

2. Pick an Alkyd or Latex Ceiling Paint

Compared to oil-based paints, the latex ceiling paint is water-based and dries faster. It is also thicker than wall paint. 

You should ensure that the paint you use matches the ceiling color. Use a roller, and paint it on over the primer. Then, let it dry for up to four hours before applying a second coat and letting it dry again. Your second coat will make the stain disappear.

3. Find the Root Cause of the Water Stain

To find a way to treat ceiling stains, you should find ways to identify the root cause of the problem. The first thing you do is check the roof—look at the shingles, vents, flashings, and seals. Aside from that, you should also look into your attic if you have one.

4. Seek Help from a Professional

If you still can’t fix the issue with your ceiling, or perhaps if you find the source of the leak yet you don’t know how to fix it, it will be best to call a professional. One can help you do the fixing and help you with any concern you have on your ceiling. 

More so, it’s crucial to let a professional do such a task before you proceed with priming or painting the ceiling to save more time and money, so don’t be after to seek help!

Final Thoughts

Water stains on your ceiling are a type of problem you would not want to ignore. It might tell you that there is an underlying, more significant issue lurking in your water system, your roof, upper floor, or walls of the bathroom. 

Fortunately, if the stain solely concerns you, you can easily cover it with bleach, warm water, or paint. However, if you suspect a further roofing concern, availing services for a roof repair near you would be your best option. 

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